A Review on Different Python Book

Python is one of the many programming languages that has the most adaptable and flexible scripting language. This makes the users and the programmers to keep ahead of the curve with rapid development of the program and for the programmers. Bigger and influential website uses this programming language such as Google and Yotube.

Here are some reviews on two of the best Python books.

  • Learning Python: Powerful Object-Oriented Programming 

This python book is a good reference and guide that can be considered and used as a stand-alone learning tool for the programmers who are eager to learn new skills in Python programming.  Learning Python: Powerful Object-Oriented Programming book is the best book to learn Python programming if you want to teach yourself and is too lazy or maybe some other reasons to go to a good university and study the programming language. The book contains more than twelve hundred pages. 

It has covered detailed information of the different aspects of the Python language. It has very thorough and comprehensive information and instructions which is good reference when you are programming a program or a game. 

The author of Learning Python: Powerful Object-Oriented Programming has also written many other books related to Python programming, ranging from those pocket-size books to some books with bigger volumes. This volume is a comprehensive treatment from one of the field’s foremost experts. Using this book together with the other book “Learning Python”, which is a good book to start for the beginner programmers and the Pocket Reference, a mobile book for quick glances in the field; it will be absolutely everything a programmer might need for instruction and reference. 

The type of writing is conversational. It makes the Python book easy and comfortable to read, and does not bring boredom to the programmers. The clear writing style of the author is what buyers and readers like most about the book. This Python book will be an excellent tool in learning more and improving your critical thinking skills and programming knowledge.

What buyers or consumers don’t like about this Python book is that this book is a bulky volume because it contains one thousand and two hundred pages which make it non-handy and heavy to bring anywhere. It weighs almost four pounds. It is too heavy to bring to school or to put it in their bag.  

  • Python Essential Reference, 4th Edition

The author of this Python book has been programming using the Python programming language for more than fifteen years. He is also a pioneer of Python’s integration with scientific software at the Los Alamos National Laboratory. This is a well-known Python book that is published by Addison-Wesley Professional. The book was central to the development and popularization of the Python programming which is still widely use and read today.

Perhaps the most famous example program from the book is its “Hello World” program. It just prints out the words “Hello World” in the program on the screen. This is the common and basic example you get from any other books.

Python Essential Reference, 4th Edition is fully updated to include the latest information and aspect of programming Python language. What the buyers like about this book is that it offers more strict explanations and instructions. It includes historical and operational perspectives of programming. The disadvantage of this book is that it requires the basic knowledge on programming Python language.

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