Cable Railing Systems How To Match Your Home

Match Your Cable Railing Systems to Your Home or Building


Older decks can be made new with cable railing systems that last longer than wooden railings and require less maintenance than wood and glass surfaces. Often times, wooden railings become weather damaged despite the best efforts to keep them in good shape. And the glass walls that looked so good in the show rooms donít look so good after the hundredth time of cleaning smudges from petsí noses and childrenís fingerprints. Also, glass picks up dust and grime in the wind so even without pets and kids to create work, the weather will do it.

Purple Deck With Stunning Cable Railing Systems

Which Type of Railing Is Best For You?

When deciding which cable railing systems works best for your home or building, you should take into consideration the architecture of the home or building. A home or building with a lot of steel or glass will look better with a†certain†type and a home with wooden features and a more rugged appearance may look better with another type of railing. You may prefer stainless steel cable railing systems for a more modern, high gloss design to maintain a certain ìflowî on the deck. A modern building with more sharp angles and shiny glass may look better with squared railing but a building with rugged, rounded features may look better with rounded railings. Both types of top railings and posts are served well with strong cables. For some DIY information, square railings are usually pre-drilled to accept the cables but round railings will require that you drill the holes. †If you live in a rugged home in the woods or you have a home or building that is not as high end, you may prefer aluminum cable railing systems that offer a little bit more versatility with railings that come in different, more muted colors. Aluminum lasts for years and maintains its appearance longer over time than wooden posts ever could. Aluminum is a lighter weight material than stainless steel, but it is very sturdy and holds strong to the cables.

Wonderful Winter Wonderland With Cable Railing Systems

The Number One Benefit Of Cable Railing

The best feature for deck cable railing systems is that they provide an unobstructed view that glass walls also provide, but without the additional maintenance of cleaning regularly. Cables are also stronger than either wood and glass. It is a great feeling to know that once the railing is up you can sit back and enjoy the view without ever dealing with it again due to low maintenance.  Find more info on Stainless Cable & Railing here.

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