Caltron’s 17 Inch Touch Screen Monitor Useful for Hospital Applications

Touch screen monitors have come a long way in the past 20 years.  Monitors used to be made from bulky CRT monitors to a more refined LCD monitor. With CRT monitors, touch screen options were not available and a mouse had to be used for any clicking function. As technology improved and LCD monitors became more readily available, hospitals had to option to convert over to a more sleek and lightweight design for daily operations. With 17 inch touch screen monitors becoming more readily available for use, this allowed for any application that required a larger industrial grade touch screen monitor, including hospitals and medical applications to use a new type of touch screen monitor that allowed for smaller space consumption when put into use and was also easier to repair, should a component fail. Hospital applications will require a touch screen monitor for surgery rooms, nurse stations, crash carts and mobile units.  With hospital environments always being on the go, planning how to maneuver carts with monitors in jammed hallways can be a cumbersome task. Surgery rooms have limited space for large touch screen monitors, since the space is needed for operating equipment and other vital instruments.  Typical sizes for hospitals are usually 17 Inch Touch Screen Monitors. Being able to have a monitor that is durable enough to be abused and capable of handing harsh environments is a must for any hospital. Hospitals have to be reassured that touch screen monitors will not fail in a critical time of need.  Caltron provides 17 Inch Industrial Touch Screen Monitors that can be suited for hospital applications or any medical type environment.  For many medical applications, there is generally a general size standard that is chosen.  In this case, a 17” monitor was chosen and it was likely chosen for its size.  In many cases, a 17” touch monitor is not too big or too small and can adequately accommodate all of the touch functions required for an operating room or nurse’s station.  For a hospital application a 17 inch surface acoustic wave touch screen monitor would be sought after as the touch glass is extremely durable. Along with being durable, the surface acoustic wave touch glass is very clear and will provide minimal distortion and does not take away any clarity from the screen.  Having an industrial touch screen monitor that is reliable and rugged enough to handle a medical setting can be tough to come by, but rest assured that there are monitors out there and Caltron is an elite supplier of industrial open frame touch screen monitors.  Many hospital environments find that a 17 inch touch monitor is the ideal size choice to use when in a setting where a screen is required for patients or doctors to see information clearly and easily.  

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Rachel Gillian

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