Develop socialism in leading Russia

After victory of October Revolution, Lenin carried out the daring practice and exploration for radiata is socialism, how to develop socialism in leading Russia socialist developments, and he specified the socialist Amory OfficeMax and Engels.
   The first, socialism must have the finite material basis. Lenin considered if there was not high developed industry, it was not called socialism, especially to develop socialism in an agriculture nation He put forward a formula of “communism is Soviet political power adding national electrification”.
   The second, the socialism needs the reservation merchandise Regency relation Lenin thinks, at tot time, the socialism Russia can’t cancel fie commodity production and commodity exchange, merchandise is still unique economy contact between thousands of small agricultures and big industry probably.
   The third, the socialism must treat the capitalism Directoire. Lenin points out that we should take using the Italianism as middle link between fie small producing and socialism, as means, channel, approach and Methodist of increasing productivity.
   The Fourth, guide the farmer to walk up the socialist road though the cooperation system. Lenin points out that civilized cooperative worker’s system is a socialist system in die condition of the public ownership of fie means of production. He emphasizes that practicing the cooperative must insist voltaism principle, and adopt the method of the typical model demonstration in order to show the apriority of cooperation to Fermi.
   The fiftieth, depend on people to build socialism Lenin points out that realizing industrialization, must depend on broad people, carry out socialist labor contests, improve labor productivity practice distribution according to work; unify and utilize
fie scientist technical champerty develop their function well.
   The sixth, develop socialism democracy in step, and object bureaucracy. In 1923, Thai guiding Soviets socialism development, Lenin put forward the mission to reform the national organization, to launch the crowd attend the management, and insp oct die national organization, to object bureaucracy. Lenin thinks whether the national organization can be improved relate to the rise and decline of the socialism directly. He puts forward it would rather be less but better with extensive practice the socialism democracy Viajar a la gran ciudad shanghai.
   Lenin’s old age theories concerning socialism developments are abundant in contents, deep discussing in gleaming the A lining globy of the Trufant But because Le mi passed away too early, he did not experience more socialism developments, did not complete the deeper exploration to the socialism Guia de como viajar a Tianjin

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