There is a silent wish by every girl to have the prettiest dress at the party, and to be the centre of attention. This desire drives many of us to go out of our way and spend numerous hours shopping as we look for that one perfect dress or shoe or whatever accessory it is. To lessen these hours of shopping, we need to have a perspective of what it is that we want and how we want to look for the occasion. Behold, I present to you a fun way for you to become a Fashionista; try out Free online games of fashion on You can either check out this site for more information right now, or go on reading and check it out later.

You must be wondering why you should use this site to plan your wardrobe, but I assure you that it will be worth it. This summer, the Summer Sunny Girl game is a good way of making sure you are fashionably planned for the season. This game features a young girl who loves shopping and making up for summer. Your task is to prepare her for a date; and you can check out this site for more information about the game.

Free online games can also teach you about what to wear on the different occasions. Te Halloween Fashion Trend game will have you sorted early enough for the October holiday. We know how tedious it can be to get a Halloween costume, so why not have it virtually prepared early enough to avoid last minute fixes. Get to know about the dress trends and even create a few of your own or spice them up with accessories by playing World of High Fashion that is all about comfort and style.

If you have been dreaming about your wedding for a while, stretch your imagination to what a yacht wedding would be like by playing yacht Wedding. Your task is to design the bride for the wedding and make her as beautiful as can be. Check out this site for more information about these free online games and other related games.

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