How to qualify for commercial construction financing

Starting a business is not easy. There is so much that we have to take care of. And on top of that, we normally lack the money for capital. While we may try to raise up as much capital as we can, this is often not enough for the entire business. We still need to construct our store or office. This is probably the most sizeable amount of our whole investment and if we pour all our savings into the construction, we would probably not have enough left to operate our business.

Commercial construction funding is the best option for our lack of capital. This will enable us to have enough capital to be able to put up our business. Plus this would leave us enough money for our working capital. Qualifying for a commercial loan is tough though. Banks usually have stricter requirements for commercial loan than other types of loans. This is because it is much riskier and the amount is higher than most loans.

Availing a commercial loan is difficult but it is not impossible. We can ensure that we would qualify for a commercial loan through these steps:

  1. The business proposal must be profitable. We can always present projected financial statements that are profitable. However, banks would be able to see through this. It is not just merely looking at the figures but they would be looking at the whole plan itself. They have professionals who can assess the feasibility of the business. They may not always get it right however, they have very high standards for the profitability of the business as they would be shelling out a substantial amount of money.
  2. Good credit standing. When you have a good credit history, this would be in your favour when banks would decide on granting you your loan. A good credit standing would mean that you are faithful in meeting your obligations which is what banks look for in their clients.
  3. Have enough money. It may sound ridiculous but having enough money would make banks feel more confident in granting you your loan. This is because they know that you can augment whatever lack of funds there is with your own.


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Rachel Gillian

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