Malicious Software is designed specifically to destroy a computer system

Our computers are always at risk of getting attacked by viruses and one of the those risks is more commonly known as “Malware”

A nickname given to the deceitful and dangerous threat called “Malicious Software” 

It is different kinds of software created and build to take full control of a computer system.

“Malicious Software” can literally be anything.

It can be:

A virus  

Trojan  

Ad-ware  

Spy ware

Among other things. This means that it is also easy to get them into our computer systems.

The history of “Malware” began during the creation of the first “Internet Worm” which was believed to be created as a simple prank.

Nowadays,  “Malicious Software” is designed specifically to destroy or disrupt a computer system, steal information from computer systems, and gain access to private computer systems.

“Malicious Software”  are known to do two things:

Attack Corporate websites and stealing their guarded information  Disrupting any course of action planned by those websites

The one thing that people need to know about “Malware” is that it’s like a terminal illness when it attacks, you never know that it’s attacking until it does enough damage.

That is the sad truth, you can never know if your Computer system is being violated by a “Malicious Software” until you have no full control of your computer’s system anymore and every information you’ve tried to keep safe has been compromised.

That’s just it. Being attacked by a “Malicious Software” is probably one of the worst things that could happen to someone with a computer, or to someone who has saved half of their lives on a computer.

If  you are ever attacked by a “Malicious Software” then you’re in a whole lot of trouble because you’re allowing the person controlling the software to take control of your system.

Once that damage is done, they’ll have access to your passwords, social security number, and other information restored in your computer; and they’ll also have control on your computer’s programs and systems function.

As I have mentioned before, it really is quite easy to accidentally let this software attack our computer’s system.

Keep in mind that we can get “Malicious Software” from

Apps  


unsafe computer programs  

Spam email

Though the risk of getting attacked by Malicious software is high, there is still chance to protect our computer systems from it.

Below are some well tested tips on how we can protect our computer from being attacked by “Malicious Software”

Choose to Install rather than Download programs of softwares  

Install a quality antivirus Software  

Install anti spy-ware softwares  

Perform Daily scans  

Be careful in clicking attachments and links on emails  

Be careful on which websites you visit  

Use a hardware based firewall  

Use DNS protection

“Malware” may be a dangerous threat for computer systems but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to fight against.  Click here for more information

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Rachel Gillian

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