Looking for a job can be difficult especially if your age is not yet appropriate to work for full time.  No wonder teenagers experience problem in employment opportunities since it’s very limited. Despite the challenge in finding a job, teen age job seekers should never give up to look for work that would make them more productive. It is true that age is a huge factor when it comes to applying for a job but as a teenager, you have all the motivation, the energy and the high spirits to do the things you want to do even in the least way possible.  

One of the most common Jobs for 17 year olds is working in a fast food chain for part time. Since teenagers are still under 18, the number of their working hours is only limited. However, if you’re kind of desperate to get a real job at the age of 17, you might think that having such kind of law is unfair as all people need to work to earn money to support their needs financially but don’t get it all wrong. The government is just assuring your health and safety since working full time is not appropriate for such kind of age. Nevertheless, there are still job opportunities offered so don’t get discouraged.  

Aside from working fast food chains like Kentucky Fried Chicken, Burger King, AMC Entertainment and Aaron Brothers Inc. as a crew member, other jobs open teenagers include working as a waiter or a waitress, models, baby sitter and cashier. Among the given options, working as a baby sitter is probably one of the easiest since all  you have to do is to baby sit and look after a kid. With this kind of part time job, there’s no need for you to deal with cranky customers in a restaurant or clean an entire place. On the other hand, if you’re someone who has a pretty face and good body shape, being a part time model would definitely be a great help for you as you can use your physique to your advantage.  It may be a bit tiring to walk around and maintain a good posture but it does pay pretty well.

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Rachel Gillian

Rachel is a stay at home mom with two beautiful kids. She is passionate about writing informative articles.