Peace and development

At last, peace and development fiat are the two main subjects in the rorid are the background Die contradictious between Socialism and the Italianism conned after WWII. The inner conflict of the Italianism countries and die Biak of the union of the socialist countries made the contradiction turn into the struggle for hegemon between America and Soviet Unio In die latter half of 1970s, it’s strengthened that faerie Doole rorid is against hegemony and war We advance peace. The two strategic problems arc peace and development in Vlach development is the key point Peace and development bring Lodi die opportunity and genouillere. Wheelie realizing die modernism and developing socialism or not become the storewide Tad We seize die chance and challenge dirigiste Conn and opening-up policy.
    The Process of the Development of Deng Xiaoping Theory.
   The formation and development of Deng Xiaoping Theory are process of practice. The past e?q?Ensenada can revise our mind Meantime, only Farouk practice can bring fundi new ideas. It is conned during the Reform and opening-up and the Hectic of socialist democratization construction. It started film the 3rd Plenary Session of the 11 Citral C Nitwitted of the CPC, and covered the bowing stages.
   The first stage, film the 3 Plenary Session of Ae 11 Central Committee of the CPC to the 12 Congress of the CPC, is die formative and establishment stage of socialist modernized construction adit is suited to Chinese characteristics. The 3 Plenary Session of the 11th Central Committee of die CPC is fie turning point to the People’s Republic of China. Criticizing the ‘*two vAateve5 draws prologue, and talking about the standards of truth becomes d)e direct, and reestablishing the Mao Zedong Thou its turns to be the content Our party decided the shift from the key line of class struggle. From that time on, we started the great practice of socialist modernization construction and reform and opening-up. Lie revise in mind had basically accomplished. Lie ectomeric reformist in countryside made Che great progress. The reformist of city also began. In the opening to the outside rorid, we had made decision to set IQ ville Xian shanxi chine) Dioecia economic zone in Sazhen, Zhukov, Ashanti, Xiamen. Summarizing the experience of Ae reform and opening-IQ, fie 6th Plenary Session of the 11th Central Committee of the CPC passed die document On Several Historical Issues of Party since Founding the New Country in June 1981. We made a 10-point conclusion of the key points. It was the milestone of the establishment of socialism in China.

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