Small Bathroom Ideas – Steal some space from the next room

Sometimes, the best bathroom ideas are the simplest. Instead of going in for a complete remodel of your tiny bathroom (that will probably cost a fortune and not be very effective anyway) just shift the wall and grab a few cubic feet from an adjoining room, closet, or utility space.

If you have a spare bedroom that lies mostly unused (how many of us have regular houseguests anyway?) maybe it is time to put that space to better use. This is especially true in the case of homes with large or growing families, and bathroom space (and time) can be at a premium. So either turn the entire guest room into an additional bathroom, or at least take some space from it to make your own bathroom bigger.  The occasional guest can do with a futon or folding bed, instead of the queen-sized one that just sits there gathering dust for the better part of the year.

You might think sacrificing closet space for a bigger bathroom is not really the best solution, but you can build some overhead storage space in the bathroom to make up for it. Or maybe the adjoining room has a large closet that is not used that much? You can probably shift the wall a little there and make more space in your bathroom.

If there is a utility space near the bathroom maybe that can be put to better use with some creative Small bathroom ideas




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Rachel Gillian

Rachel is a stay at home mom with two beautiful kids. She is passionate about writing informative articles.