Specific information to maintain clients privacy

The Taxi Heathrow was focusing to protecting and maintaining the costumers or visitors’ website privacy. This is the main policy of  Heathrow airport taxito designed and set up a perfect treat for their visitor information. Some of the information of costumers they will collect are the following to preserve the policy of the costumers, such as, they will collect all kinds of personal information regarding their customers, computer information which is the IP address, the version, geographical location, operating system, length of visit, referral source, etc., Transaction information between them and costumers and all related info taken in terms of goods and services of the company, registered information, subscription information of website  like email or any notifications, and any important information that customers want to send with them.

These were some of the information they wanted to protect their own website policy and to maintain the privacy of their clients to avoid future problems regarding the instructions they were agreed.

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Rachel Gillian

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