The Amounts That You Can Legally Get From Mistaken Debt Collection Calls

People living in Oklahoma now have immediate access to legal systems that will protect them from mistaken debt collection calls. As the intensity or frequency of such calls began to surge, the authorities did not have any option other than to curb the evil at its bud. The result of this endeavor is the present of the telephone consumer protection act (TCPA).  One can get up to $500 for every call made by mistake by the debt collection agency. If the agency does not listen to your requests (and keeps on calling), then there is a fat chance of getting up to $1500 per call.

While consulting a lawyer who deals with such cases, it is mandatory to present some form of evidence depicting the mistaken calls from the collection agencies. One of the best ways to collect evidence is to record the telephonic conversations initiated by these institutions. Quite often, upon hearing that you are recording the conversation, the so-called mistaken debt collection calls can stop abruptly. Please bear in mind that it is legal to record phone conversations in Oklahoma without letting the other party know about it. If more people begin to act against these trespassers, it is only a matter of time before such agencies to stop pestering people altogether.

Many people are not aware of the applications that will help them to record phone conversations without the other party knowing about it. For instance, Call Truck is one such application that has helped countless people to record telephonic conversations. There are also provisions with the help of which you can ignore the calls by contacting your telephone company. Such call filtering services do come with a small price tag associated with it. Additional proof of disturbance will always work out in a beneficial way!

One can always take screenshots and pictures of the phone numbers of the debt collection agency. Armed with all this evidence, it is just a matter of time to seek the appropriate amounts as directed by the legal system within Oklahoma. Always remember that every call could be worth $500 to $1500, are you sure you want to ignore such an opportunity?

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Rachel Gillian

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