Tips to use your space heater effectively

Space heaters are useful little tools that do not only complement central heating systems (if you are one of the lucky people who have a decent central heating system in their homes that is) but also function as stand-alone heaters which can heat your rooms and provide adequate warmth and comfort during the winter. However, finding and purchasing one of the top rated space heater models on the market does not guarantee that you will efficiently heat your home. There are a few specific steps you need to make sure that your heater will work in peak efficiency.

Organize well your space

To use your space heater effectively and save money on the energy bill you need to assure that the space of your living environment is well insulated. Insulating your house will help to keep the heat inside the house. Take care to plug the leaks around the house foundation, seal drafty windows and doors and add some insulation to your attic. Find some strategic locations to place your space heaters throughout your home. The space heaters are designed to heat zones in your house rather than a whole house. You can also use a space heater to maintain the temperature in a room that is not currently used, for example the bedroom or the living room during your dinner. You can also use the space heaters for rarely visited rooms such as pantries or guest bedrooms. 

Adjust your living environment

To make an efficient use of your space heaters adjust your living environment in such ways that you will still feel comfortable at lower temperatures. For that you need to cover the floors with carpet or rugs, use ceiling fans that will distribute the heat even through your room, keep yourself warm with warming blocks or heating pads. You can just warm your room to 67 degrees Fahrenheit or lower if you warm yourself by other means too. And you can turn off your heat at night or when you are not at home. The popular belief that it costs more to reheat the home than to heat it constantly is wrong.

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Rachel Gillian

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