ReverbNation has helped to evolve as the leading platform for musicians, event managers, and artists to avail an online music market. As a matter of fact, around 1.5 million people use this service to build their basic fans, study their behavior, fix show & deals and distribute the music efficiently. It is a promising stage to view charts by sorting as per location, genre, popularity and interests. We provide you with top tips below to move yourself up the charts and divert more attention to your creations by an effective way so as to expand your network, share, and spread and gain more visibility.

Give your ReverbNation Profile a boost!

  • Leaving Comments on Others’ Profiles after Hearing Them: Taking time everyday to listen and appreciate other bands honestly, even by sharing and passing the content around. But one has to make sure that you shared their music. Some bands might reciprocate the same with your musical content amongst their fan base. This interaction dynamically enhances your Band Equity raise the Chart Rank.


  • Strategic Placement of Widgets on Your Website & Social Media Sites:
     Widgets are a key to boost your profile if one knows the way to copy and paste a HTML code into your social media sites or website. These widgets must be qualitative rather than being quantitative as analysts suggest. If an account is created, it must not be flat-lining at absolute zero. Too many scattered widgets across the web might drastically affect your rank and equity.


  • Maintaining Your Presence on MySpace and Facebook:
     Your RN account allows you to connect your Facebook page and MySpace profile with it and you must extract the full benefit of being present on all major social networks actioned to get your music featured by music bloggers. At the end, Facebook Likes and MySpace Fans matter for social engagement and better results.


  • Additional Features: One must have concise contact information as emails, phones as Reverb offers amazing e-mail management, website building at an affordable price for customizing design ability and selling merchandise to your fans. An RN profile encompasses control to build internet presence, music marketing and building a successful music career. 
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