Word press themes for newbies

Much has been said about word press themes in general and many web developers, bloggers and website owners are familiar with all that word press represents. It’s a whole new territory however for newbie bloggers or people interested in websites. A question that is mostly asked by many is; which is the best word press theme for my blog. This is a valid question that everyone must ask before undertaking the task of starting a blog or a website as you want something that is interesting and unique. However before you can get the answer to that particular question you must first also ask yourself a series of questions as well. For example; what will my blog or website be about, who will be my audience and what would interest them and then what designs am i comfortable with etc.

Once you have answered the above questioned, then you can be able to make an informed decision for example on whether to go with let’s say a free word press theme which are easily available on the net or purchase a premium word press theme which are also available on the net. It all depends on your preference as the creator. Today owning a website does not necessarily require that you have any coding skill or experience everything today is for lack of a better word tailor made. All you need today is touch and go. Drag here, type there and in a few moments you have a unique website.

This can be easily achieved by use of themes and if you are using for example word press then I would suggest a Premium wordpress themes. These themes usually have customization capabilities that are simply out of this world. Although you have to pay for them I find the cost worth the prize. Other than this premium word press themes there are also other free word press themes that a newbie blogger can take advantage of. However there is only as much you can do with it and sometimes it becomes very hard to commercialize if you are using a free theme.   

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Rachel Gillian

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